September 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I wasn't satisfied with my Swoon/Dutch Rose block for my BOM/Sampler I drafted a new one!

I based mine off of">this
I found, combined with the stitch and flip technique and measurements of">this one, to create this:

These things take a long time to put together!  thankfully, its not difficult, just a lot of pieces!

September 11, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I made a decision early this year to only work on UFOs.  I did pretty good, worked on a few, even if I haven't finished any.  That lasted until this week.  I sorted out my scraps into color coded bins, and after failing to compress all the blues into their bin, I decided its time to scrap bust!  So, super duper scrappy log cabin quilt it is.  

I grabbed a handful of scraps from each color bin, threw them together in a large bag and blindly draw them out to sew into 9.5 inch wonky-ish log cabins.  These go together super quick due to the not having to think about anything.  It'll never be a pretty quilt, but it will be interesting!  I'm making sure to be truly random, using any piece I pull out, no matter how ugly.

(and after making 16 or so bag of scraps doesn't  seem to be dwindling!  I swear, they are multiplying in there...)

A little progress on a block for the BOM/Sampler quilt...I am finding I dont like paper piecing that much.  Its too fussy, finding the right size pieces, lining them up...I love the precision, but just cant stand making these.

I'm also making progress on several other WIPs, trying to avoid the siren song of starting any more new projects...

(a christmas table runner may have snuck in the WIP pile while I wasn't looking...)