August 28, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Today's WIP Wednesday is my BOM/Sampler quilt.

Specifically, the Swoon block and the (sort of) greek cross.

I'm  not really into the Swoon block. I used an alternate tutorial that gets rid of some of the seams in the larger pieces, here is the tutorial I used .  its a little small, 16.5 inches instead of the 18.5 I need, so this particular block will be put to use somewhere else.  which is fine, I dont think the colors work with the other blocks in this quilt... yes, it is a scrappy quilt, but the rest of it is so bright, and this one block so pastel, it sticks out.

Anyways, the (sort of) greek cross I drafted out myself, having wanted the cross to still be orientated the right way while on point.  I put in the QST center in for the heck of it, and liked how it turned out a whole lot!  I'll probably post a quick little pattern or tutorial for it eventually, its not really that difficult to figure out.  

I also noticed this week, (or, my husband pointed out to me) is that two of my blocks are too small! both the modern dresden and the spring bloom blocks are 9.25 instead of 9.5.  

gah!  I'm not sure if I should re-make them entirely, or figure out a way to still use them.  I'm not super fond of the spring bloom block anyways, (thats the one on the bottom left)  its very dark.

So, thats what I'm working on this week.  What is everybody else working on?

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