August 7, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Today's WIP Wednesday is brought to you by my broken brand-new-to-me awesomesauce Elna.

Yes.  I said broken.  As in, had her 4 days and now cant use her.


I was trying to bend the thread take up lever back to its original postion (it was scraping the side of the machine!) and it snapped.  I found a replacement lever on Ebay, but I dont know if I have the skills to replace it myself...

Anyways, back to the fun stuff - WIP Wednesday!

Granny Square time!

Yes, I am behind on the Granny Square quilt craze...i've been saving 2.5 in squares forever for making a super scrappy version.  But, this being the year of finishes and all, I thought, why not just start the darn thing.  I'm going to make one little change though, and not sash it.  I dislike sashing immensely.  Not the sashing itself, mind you, but the actual process of sashing.  Its hard to line up, long strips get wobbly and unwieldy...

Plus, piecing it on the diagonal like this eliminates waste from trimming the blocks!  I'm trying to use up scraps, not create more!

I've also made it  my goal to cut as few squares from yardage as going through the scrap bins, people. Already found some treasures I forgot I had.  Like that blue seashell-y print on the top left...thats leftover from my very first quilt! (of course, its low quality fabric from a big-box store, but it has sentimental value! and it has held up rather well in that first quilt...)

Anyways, I'm off to do something to take my mind off of sad broken sewing machines...maybe its time I cleaned this house..

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