August 15, 2013

Finished Object!

It happened!  I finished something!

But...I forgot to photograph it.

So quick text to the recipient and we have a photo!

Thanks Mom!

Its a wallhanging, about 16x20 inches. I raw edge appliqued on the circles over the background stripes.  Then quilted the whole thing.

In retrospect, it would have been way easier to do quilt as you go for those stripes instead of piecing and then quilting. (I ended up with some droopy curvy stripes because I forgot to alternated directions)

Anyways, the story behind this wallhanging:

The children's pastor at my Mom's church decided to move on to another church for personal reasons after many many years.  No bad feelings, just was time to move on kind of thing.   My mom and the pastor were good friends, so my mom wanted to give her something special to sort of commemorate her time as the children's pastor.  

The children's ministry uses a curriculum or philosphy called "Orange"  which is based on the principal that the child's time with the parents (red) mixed with the time at the church (yellow) work together to teach the child. (orange)  or something like that.

So I used the colors to create this.  Its not my style at all, but I think it is perfect for the children's pastor.

Its bound with a knife edge (or known as facing, I think.) so that the binding doesnt take away from the quilt.  This was also the first time I sewed on a hanging sleeve.  Its not very neat, but it'll get the job done!

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