June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday

More blocks from my BOM/sampler quilt.

From left to right, there is the Lone Starburst, Infinity Loop from the book Shape Workshop for Quilters, 2013 Craftsy BOM from April, 2013 Craftsy BOM from June (partially sewn together).

In real life, the neutrals are a lot closer together in value, they dont stand out against each other as much.  I have terrible lighting in my office.  I am in love with the random neutral look - it makes the quilt sparkle!

The Lone Starburst block is 12.5, the two smaller ones are 9.5 and the LeMoyne star will be 18.5 when finished.

June 11, 2013

BOM update

I'm working on my Block of the Month quilt, I swear!

I did get a little behind though, due to life getting in the way.  But I'm slowly working on getting back on track!  I've got 3 new blocks to show you, but first I want to talk a little about what I'm doing with this thing.

First, I'm not totally following a block of the month format anymore, its turning into a bit of a modern sampler quilt, where I make a block or two as I feel like it.  A little of this, a little of that, new techniques, a whole bunch of blocks and all sorts of fun!  (Though, I'm still using Craftsy's 2012 & 2013 BOM videos for some of the blocks.  I haven't done June 2013's LeMoyne star yet, and I am super excited to get to it!)

I'm also not putting these blocks into a standard block of the month layout.  (Straight sets? Boring.  The weird layout the craftsy 2013 quilt has?  I'm not going to say anything.)  So I pulled out my graph paper and went to town.  I think I drew up three or four layouts before I found one I like.

Even this one went through several versions before I settled.  you can see my original corners on the right.  I then discovered my math was off, and the quilt I thought was going to be around 60x66 would actually be 40x50.  Which is a size I have no use for.  I first enlarged the quilt by adding more of the 12 inch blocks, but it still wasn't big enough.  So, I am going to make some super large 18 inch blocks!

I put all the blocks on point, well, because I love doing it.  I cant say why, but it makes almost everything look awesome!

My favorite part is that the blocks get larger as they radiate out from the center!

I am aware of some of the issues I'll come across when piecing this thing, but I'm pretty sure its doable with partial seams.  Lots of them.

So to wrap it up, I need block ideas.  there are 50 some blocks in this thing.  I'm not afraid of doing anything!  What are some blocks that you have always wanted to make, but have been afraid to?  I've already conquered my aversion to paper piecing, the Lone Starburst block is my current favorite! (which is one that I will photograph and share tomorrow.)

June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Making this thing is both totally fun and totally annoying at the same time! Quilting the panels was a lot of fun, kind of a zen bit of sewing to soothe the nerves.  Making the handles and piping was a pain in the rear though!   

I've already had to use my seam ripper plenty of times.  Make sure to read the directions folks!  I know every blog post everywhere says that, but really.  Read the darn directions before every step!  It is so easy to get excited and skip something! (for example, attach the outer pocket before the piping.  and dont forget to line the pocket before you attach it.  and attach the handles before the pocket.)

First tips for the Weekender bag:

Have lots of thread on hand for the quilting.  You'll use tons.

Spray baste that batting down! (especially the long skinny around piece. it likes to shift!)

Finger press instead of iron. Or at least test your batting before ironing over it.   I had problems with my batting shrinking.  I'm not sure why though, I've used the same batting forever, and not had that problem.

Joanns duck canvas frays like no ones business.  Fray check is not really helpful.

I bought a 30" parka zipper and had my husband figure out how to reverse one of the pulls so it zips into the middle instead of the ends.  I haven't installed it yet, so I cant say if it works or not...

I used a different method to join the ends of the piping than Amy uses in the directions - I found different instructions