April 11, 2013

Where I sew

I've been slowly working on improving my sewing workspace this year, and am finally in a place I think it will work well for me.  

Key things I had to work with for this:  try and keep my grandmothers desk, keep the shelving in place (taking down shelves and moving fabric is a pain!  and a total of $100 for new things.

My main problems was with quilting, and the drag that was created by shoving too much quilt over my tiny desktop.  So I went to Ikea's As-Is section and got a piece of wood to extend the tabletop. I decided I needed more storage in my room anyways, so I also got the bookcase to support the tabletop from the As-Is. 

(I may have an Ikea As-Is addiction...I've bought fabric, random knick-knacky things, wood pieces, and even that chair you see (and three others just like it!) from there.)

Anyways, I topped the extension table with a home-made pressing board, and voila.  sewing space that works for me instead of against me!  And total cost: $50 bucks.  Score!

I tested out the extension table by pulling out my chicopee quilt to be quilted, and it works like a charm! it really cuts down on me fighting the drag of the quilt, which makes quilting a lot more enjoyable!

Next up is making an actual design wall, instead of the (too small) piece of batting thumbtacked to the wall..

(the colored bins on top are my scrap bins, scraps are sorted by color into corresponding bins.  They're from Target, but that pattern isnt available anymore.  also, they have yet to sell an orange or yellow one, which makes me sad. and a little ocd that I dont have the right color for my orange and yellow scraps...)

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