April 4, 2013

Craftsy BOM March

Finally finished the March Blocks of the month...but like always, with modifications.

2012 on top 2013 on the bottom.

I'll be honest here, spiderweb blocks are not my favorite.  So when I saw that they were the focus of March 2012 blocks, I was hesitant.  I ended up abandoning the spiderweb block for a string block of my own making.  Its paper pieced instead of foundation pieced like the instructions I liked paper piecing the small strips, it helped keep everything straight and even!

2013's block threw me for a loop this month for sure.  I actually did try and draft my own block, but for whatever reason the numbers were not working out for me. So I just started with a center square (around 3 inches, I think) and figured I could always sash it to bring it to size.  I rather like how it turned out, even if I didnt piece the larger triangles like the instructions said.

I've got big plans for April sewing, a couple of finishes and a sample for a demo I'm teaching the NOVAMQG in May.  For now though, I am entering into the realms of soccer mom with my nearly 6 year old, so blogging may be few and far between.

Until next time.

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