April 24, 2013

A Quilt all for MEEEEEE!

As quilters, crafters and artists, how often do we make things just for ourselves?  I sure don't very often.  And I'm pretty sure that is quite common.  We get so wrapped up in creating for others that we neglect ourselves. 

Because of this, it feels so decadent that I made this quilt just for me.  A whole quilt that I dont have to share with my husband at night.  Just the right size for one on the couch snuggled up watching tv.  But also the right size for sharing. (If I want to).  Filling out play forts.  Picnics in the grass. (which my 3 year old and I were doing before I took the photo)

Made from Chicopee and Amy Butler dots charm packs, plus a handful of stashed prints and solids (mostly Denyse Schmidt from JoAnn's, but some random konas and stuff I stashed long ago and have forgotten...)

But, my favorite part is the "back" of the quilt. 

Made exclusively from my scrap bins, I went with a super improv design.  If anyone ever doubts the value of crafting as therapy...just come talk to me.  I started this just before a stressful time, and this was the only way I could stay sane.  Somehow, being able to just create and not worry about color, pattern or layout was a super stress-reliever.

Quilted with a quick and easy cross hatch, bound in kona eggplant and a print from hope valley, this quilt is done! 


  1. Love the back! I agree.... Sewing scraps together is the BEST therapy! ;)

  2. Love it! Great---front and BACK! I am looking forward to summer picnics too!!