February 20, 2013

Stars and Tiny Patchwork

So the other day I did this:


1 inch finished squares.  I'm nuts.  Why do I keep making these tiny patchwork?  Its sort of an addiction.

These are individually cut and pieced, but for the next couple blocks, I want to try Elizabeth Hartman's stamp collection block method.  For this one, I had wanted to try this technique but I also wanted to use scraps, which of course were nowhere near 3 inches in any direction.

Oh well.

There will be more of these blocks because I made this:


I plan on mounting a bunch of different sizes of these to frames and hanging them in the boy's rooms.  They both love them!

It all started because Ben (three year old) told me he loves sleeping with the stars on his "star blanket" (the back of his quilt is made from one of Riley Blake's large star prints)  So I thought filling his walls with stars would be a fun way to keep stars in his room after he grows out of the star blanket...and of course, after seeing one, Elliot (five) wants stars in his room too.

The pieced/applique star block is from Fat Quarterly's Shape Workshop for Quilters book, which is fabulous.  I changed the sizes of it to suit myself, (and because I cannot for the life of me follow instructions as written!)

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