January 16, 2013

I got a Nook for Christmas this year!  I've been reading so much the past couple of weeks, its not funny.  But it was about time to get a case on the thing, and I had a hard time finding a case that was comfortable to hold and cute too. 

So I made one.

 I used this pattern from Jennie at cloverandviolet.com I found some orphan chevron strings and quilted it up with a canvas back for the cover.

I used this Cloud 9 organic for the inside, and modified the pattern to use fabric triangles to hold the Nook instead of elastic (mostly because I couldn't find any elastic in my drawers...)  I probably should have made the triangles a little smaller, but I haven't had any issues with readability in the corners yet.  I'm also not fond of seeing the canvas between the pockets, so I may stitch in a patch down the middle.

The full outer cover, bound in Kona Navy.  I still need to figure out a closure for it, I'm thinking some sort of magnetic snap.  I'm not terribly fond of Velcro. 

It was a really quick project, especially with using orphan blocks for the cover.  It is sturdy, and should protect my Nook for awhile.

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