January 26, 2013

I feel like I'm busting out the quilty projects like whoa lateley...

I needed something creative to do this past week to let off some steam  (raising two energetic boys is hard, man!)

So I pulled out some wonky star blocks that have been sitting in a UFO bin forever.  They're not my oldest UFO, but close.  I'm thinking of making them into a wall hanging for my bedroom...headboard style!

Yeah.  I dont have a headboard.  Or anything on my walls.  At least we got the room painted shortly after we bought the place.

It was purple.  Plum even.  the ceiling too.  and doors. and pipe under the sink.  and who has a sink in the bedroom?  (I'ts oddly handy, by the way.)

Anyways.  Quilted things.

The wonky stars are scrappy pieced, including the white around them.  I'll fill in the rest of the quilt with more scrappy neutrals. (I'm planning on adding some more neutrals, and they look more diverse in person too.)

I'm totally digging the scrappy look lately...its so much fun to just veg out and not really care about fabric choices.  The scrappy log cabin bits you see above the stars are my couch pillows that need finishing.  Someday.  At least I got them pieced and quilted...

Baby steps.

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