January 11, 2013

First project of 2013 is underway!

My couch is in dire need of help, so I'm making up some new pillows!  this one is 21" square, and entirely made of scraps! (two birds with one stone! yay!)

I simply took handfuls of scraps from each color basket, mixed them up into a brown paper bag, and told myself I'd use whatever piece I pulled out.  No thinking, no placing fabrics just so, just pure randomness.  I rather love it.  There is something almost magical about super-scrappy quilts...I almost want a whole quilt like this!

I did this one as a Quilt as you go (QAYG) project, so each log cabin block is pieced and quilted at the same time.  So quick!  

For kicks, the back.  I wasn't terribly concerened about being neat, being that its a pillow and this side wont be seen.  I didnt attach the blocks together in any standard QAYG method, I just treated them like regular unquilted blocks.

Oh, but I did sew down the seam allowances so they'd lay flatter on the pillowform.  the stich lines blend in with the quilting on the front - hardly noticeable.

I cant wait to get a form and finish up this and a couple more pillows for the couch...my back will be thankful!

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