January 9, 2013

Another year gone, another begun.

2012 was an interesting year, for sure.  I didnt get as much sewing done as I would have liked, it seemed 2012 was a year of huge indecision and procrastination. Quilting got pushed aside as I explored other crafts, like soft toy design (which I still play with, but dont share much about on the blog) and dabbled back into knitting, drawing and painting.

Final quilt of 2012:

 20x20 mini quilt; used the Garden Fence pattern found here.  Its hard to tell, but several of the fabrics are glittery, which caused all sorts of grief in my sewing machine.  Backing is same as the binding, and also glittery.  so much glitter!

So far, 2013 has been pretty horrible, I've spent most the first week with the flu!  But onwards!  I have high hopes for 2013, as we all do at the beginning of the new year.  2013 will be the year of creation, of finishing projects, and starting new ones. 

I have plans for some really cool quilts this year, one of which may be entered into a show.  I hope to sew a little more for myself this year, my house needs some cozying.

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