October 2, 2012

woah, its October already!  I still havent gotten the boy's halloween costumes sorted yet..was going to work on that today, but the on and off hard rain is keeping me homebound. 

So its movies and sewing today!

I posted the cut up squares for my most recent start at a project the other day, but now am at a crossroads.  How to divvy up the squares to make 4 stockings?

heres a photo:

from left to right, I have:

1. random everything.  put all the squares in a bucket and pull them out one by one.
2. almost monochromatic, blues/greens/grey/white
3. traditional christmas scheme. red/green/white
4-6. monochromatic.  blues/greens/reds withe white and grey

im digging most everything, but i need to pare it down to 4 groups.  the middle two are my favorite.  if I had fourth main color, I'd go with the monochromatics..

I suppose i could do 3 mono and 1 with everything...

Such hard decisions! 

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