September 27, 2012

Well, its been just a bit under a year since my last post...So much for posting after the holidays!

I'll be honest, I just haven't had the urge to blog much this past year.  Life has been uneventful, but busy.

This fall, my oldest boy has started kindergarten.  What a heart-wrenching thing to do!  After spending almost every day with my little man, I have to say goodbye to him every morning now.  On the upside I still have the younger boy hanging around for a few more, I have way more time in the day to work on quilting!

I wish I had more to share since my last postings, but I have only made a few gift quilty things, and forgotten to take photos before sending them off to their new owners!

So I leave you today with a pile of 2.5in squares that I cut the other day, ready for making some patchwork Christmas stockings..

mostly cut from several charm packs, supplemented with bits of scraps donated from my someday granny square quilt bin.  Now to draft up a stocking pattern!

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