October 12, 2011

whew. its been a busy week trying to keep up with threesixfive but I have managed!

Today seemed like a good day to pull out my sewing machine again, and get a start on christmas presents! I've been wanting to make this for my boys since 4yo was born...and finally now get to!

why a fish, you ask?

Well, I am making up a set of magnetic fish and fishing pole! I'm using a pattern out of a japanese crafting book for the fish (seems silly to use such a simple pattern, but I am too lazy to make my own when I have one easily available, and while stuffing it, I'll put small magnets in the fish, and a stronger one on the "hook" of the pole, so the boys can "fish."

I'll probably make some sort of drawstring bag or pouch to put all the fish in too...

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