October 30, 2011

Whew. I got my habitat challenge quilt done! It seemed a little dicey for a while, but I finished just in time for our guild's reveal yesterday!

This is probably the most inventive quilt I've done so far - I am still not sure if I like it even, but it is interesting to say the least.


I started out with the idea of doing a sort of wonky chevron, with my pieces being differeing heights and not meeting up, sort of like this pillow, but my strange "quick strip-ish piecing" method my tired brain came up with was. not. working. Just ended up wasting a bit of the fabric. (more than I would have liked! I wish I could have used less of the coal)

anyways, I cut what was left into 60 degree diamond shapes of differing sizes, and sewed them back together with some kona coal in a sort of expanded/free pieced/de-constructed chevron/friendship braid. Kinda cool, kinda weird at the same time.

I quilted it to emphasize the chevron-ness, in some places, the chevron gets lost, especially in the grayer areas.

I also learned something about thread during this quilt! I bought a different brand of thread for quilting this one, (Gutermann 100% cotton) and my machine does not like straight line quilting with it. At all. even with a walking foot. it was kind of weird. uneven stitches galore! But later, I put the Gutermann with a free motion quilt foot...and hoo boy. I found a perfect thread for FMQ! I'm so excited, FMQ has eluded me with my normal thread brand, and now I can really get going practicing!

October 12, 2011

whew. its been a busy week trying to keep up with threesixfive but I have managed!

Today seemed like a good day to pull out my sewing machine again, and get a start on christmas presents! I've been wanting to make this for my boys since 4yo was born...and finally now get to!

why a fish, you ask?

Well, I am making up a set of magnetic fish and fishing pole! I'm using a pattern out of a japanese crafting book for the fish (seems silly to use such a simple pattern, but I am too lazy to make my own when I have one easily available, and while stuffing it, I'll put small magnets in the fish, and a stronger one on the "hook" of the pole, so the boys can "fish."

I'll probably make some sort of drawstring bag or pouch to put all the fish in too...

October 6, 2011

Just wanted to let you know that I started a new blog, threesixfive I am attempting to chronicle my pattern-making and daily creative-ness there. I'll still post here my quilting and random life stuff, threesixfive is simply a way to keep myself accountable for creating daily.