August 4, 2011

building a quilt, part next

proof I am insane:


No really. I am.

This quilt is going to be a small queen/large double at around 80 inches square, if I dont add borders to make it a proper queen.

Now, I dont have a long arm, or even a large-throated machine. So figuring out how to quilt a monster quilt was a task I left for after all the blocks were pieced.

they are all pieced. (but not photographed..I have 10 or so to photograph and throw up on flickr)

I needed a soloution that wont bore me to tears or cause my upper body to be sore for a month.

After some research, I finally decided on doing a quilt-as-you-go method. I hope it'll work. The above photo is a single block (16in square) quilted and ready to be joined to another. 1/2 inch spaced quilting lines, in different directions to give it a little texture.

I'm in love..and they dont take that long to quilt! an hour or so each block seems like good time versus shoving and tugging a queen size through the machine for who knows how long..!

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