July 6, 2011

random wednesday

A bit random today - its been a long day...

First thing:


Pieced strip for the back of my HST warm/cool value quilt. This strip will be pieced between some Kona Peacock and Kona Bone. Next time I post about it, it should be quilted and bound!

Second thing:


Set of placemats I made for my etsy shop. Available here:
littlebluebirdie etsy shop I dont usually talk about my shop here (mostly because I'm terrible at keeping it stocked) but I need to sell a few things to save up for a new laptop since I killed mine. (slightly embarassing story here..) Also contemplating selling my Gocco printer since I never use it, but I cant decide.

And finally, this:


I've started to piece back together this monstrosity of a quilt...im not ripping it out again, so this is how its going to be. I just want it to be finished!

I've also started piecing a bit of the blue/green/orange/grey (bgog..oggb? bggo? I like bggo..) quilt and have made the discovery that the geometric blue flowery print does.not.work. and the kona coal only works in small bits. but I like where its going otherwise, and I will write up a bit more about it once I figure out the blue situation, and piece a little more.

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