July 26, 2011

Warm/cool value HST quilt finished!


I had a blast making this quilt, so thank you Jeni from In Color Order for hosting a quilt-along! (and I am deeply humbled that you chose to emulate my layout for yours!)

I started with a pile of scraps, and a charm pack of Kona Brights, paired each with an opposite color value, and went from there!

I certainly learned a lot from this experiment about color. If I were to do this again, there are a lot of prints and solids I would not include, in order to get the maximum effect. Greens, especially were hard, and there are several that I pushed to the warm side that should have been on the cool.

All in all, I think I was fairly successful, and while I debated making it a large quilt for my 4 year old, I think the smaller size fits it. The quilt will be donated to the local NICU through our Modern Quilt Guild's regular challenge - this time around the challenge was "Scrappy"

Some more photos:


closeup of quilting:

July 19, 2011

Its about time for a finished quilt post, no?

I bought fabric for this one way back in January, first posted about it in April, and finally now I can show the finished product!


and the back:


I had a tough time with this one, to be honest. Girly is not my thing, so pink and yellow was difficult for me to work with. Much indecsion was put into this quilt, it was hard to decide on a pattern, then a quilting pattern, and in someways, my ambivalence shows. there is some bad piecing, puckering, and sloppy quilting..but I know that all these things are only visible to me, and the recipient will love it.

My favorite part is the back...I have fallen totally in love with that yellow print, it is the perfect yellow shade - not too neon, lemony or school-bus, but a nice mellow butter yellow.

Its quilted with double straight lines, following the diamonds on the front, which creates a neat texture on the back.

Off to the post office, the baby its for is due any day now!

July 14, 2011

Building a Quilt, part 3

This'll be the last post on this for a bit, I believe. I'm happy with where the quilt is heading (almost giddy happy, really)

The extra aqua fabrics arrived for my quilt, and oh my, did it make a huge difference. In all honesty, after piecing my test blocks, I was ready to shelve it for a while to let it germinate in my mind a little more.

Here's what I've done so far:

If you notice, I've scaled back the excess piecing. Each round of "logs" is generally the same color, with accents thrown in.

What I love about the right block more than the left is that it has more "wonk" (for lack of a better term) than the left one.  But it doesnt feel like its forced!

What that slightly concerns me still: the kona coal (dark grey) in the left block sticks out a bit.   The giant block of Peacock blue is a little off putting as well. I think that it will stay like that, for now at least, and hopefully, once the whole thing is together, it wont stick out as much.

Next step in building the quilt:  finishing all 25(!) blocks, and then arranging them!

I'll be posting all the blocks on flickr as I finish them as part of the 60 Blocks of Summer group, so feel free to take a look!

July 12, 2011

Building a Quilt, part 2

Second post on my Building a Quilt series! This may be a bit boring to some, but I want to go through all the steps I take in working out a quilt of this type (i.e. improv/patternless)

Impatient to get something going on my new quilt, I pieced together a couple blocks, and learned a few things!


First off, the blue geometric feels all wrong. I'm not sure if its the color or the pattern (too geometric/harsh next to the more organic prints), but it feels out of place.

Second thing, this approach, while it may work for others (super improv) I dont think its me. It's far too busy for my liking, plus, the "wonk" feels forced. I think I'm going to go with a subtler, purposeful wonkiness.

Third, the pieced log in the block on the right - too much. I'm not feeling it, its too busy (not to mention the little hope valley scrap is too bold and sticks out like a sore thumb) But I do wish I had more of whatever dot/cobblestone print that blue scrap is...the color works perfectly.

Fourth, I'm thinking in each block there will be either the yellow print or the orange. yellow and orange are very powerful colors, and can overwhelm a quilt pretty quickly, if you arent going for a yellow/orange quilt.

Fifth, I am undecided on the kona coal (dark grey) bits. I like when there is small bits of it, but the large log is a bit too dark for my taste.

Finally, the color palette isnt where it should be. I ordered a few more aqua prints, and will use the aqua to anchor it more. Perhaps when there is more aqua fabrics, the blue geometric print might blend in better.

Thats it for now, hopefully my order will arrive tommorrow or thursday so I can get going on this more!

In other news, my HST warm/cool value quilt is almost finished being quilted, and as soon as I get my Kona Ash, I can bind it, the pink/orange diamond quilt and another quilt that is ready for binding that I dont think I've shown...

July 6, 2011

random wednesday

A bit random today - its been a long day...

First thing:


Pieced strip for the back of my HST warm/cool value quilt. This strip will be pieced between some Kona Peacock and Kona Bone. Next time I post about it, it should be quilted and bound!

Second thing:


Set of placemats I made for my etsy shop. Available here:
littlebluebirdie etsy shop I dont usually talk about my shop here (mostly because I'm terrible at keeping it stocked) but I need to sell a few things to save up for a new laptop since I killed mine. (slightly embarassing story here..) Also contemplating selling my Gocco printer since I never use it, but I cant decide.

And finally, this:


I've started to piece back together this monstrosity of a quilt...im not ripping it out again, so this is how its going to be. I just want it to be finished!

I've also started piecing a bit of the blue/green/orange/grey (bgog..oggb? bggo? I like bggo..) quilt and have made the discovery that the geometric blue flowery print does.not.work. and the kona coal only works in small bits. but I like where its going otherwise, and I will write up a bit more about it once I figure out the blue situation, and piece a little more.

July 1, 2011

Building a Quilt, part 1

Just because I need more to blog about on occasion, I am going to bring you all on a journey through making a quilt. I'll be posting about it as I go, so it may be a bit spread out.

I'll start today with inspiration and preliminary fabric choices.

For this quilt, my very first seed of inspiration came from the quilt on the cover of Block Party

link, because I'm not sure the etiquette on posting the cover of a book...

I love the aqua/orange/grey combination of colors (I actually haven't seen the book in person yet, but on my monitors, the colors are quite muted and soft) and the wonky log cabin is right up my alley! I need a quick (hah, yeah right...)project, so the large log cabins will be perfect.

Went to the fabric store today to begin picking out a couple focus fabrics, but was unimpressed with the selection of oranges, with the majority leaning towards the tangerine/neon side. I think I'm leaning towards yellower and paler oranges to get a dusty feel.

here's what I did bring home from the shop:

IMG_0705 copy

the sanctuary tiles and dandelions go so well together its unbelievable. The green I threw in just because there was a bit in the tiles, and the yellow is a nice accent, not too bright, but still very yellow.

Now its time to pull from my existing stash and scrap bins!



I pulled pretty much anything I thought would work in, even if it was just a teeny tiny scrap....I think I pulled way, way too much.

Overall, the blues work pretty well, but most of the greens will go. I dont want another blue/green quilt! the bright orange dot is too bright, and the pinks just plain dont go!

here's what I have left:


and what I took out:


You'll notice the pile I took out is much larger than the pile I left in. This is partly because they just didnt work, but also because I am going for a pretty edited palette. I've done more than a few scrap busters lately, and have a need to have a go at cohesiveness.

I think I still might find another yellowy orange just to round it out a little, and perhaps another good aqua and grey to replace the kona solids. But otherwise, I think I'm pretty close to ready to cut, and its a great start for a quilt!

thanks for reading, and I'll try not to take too long to post about the next step, deciding on a pattern!