June 2, 2011

Sorry about not posting for a little bit...life happens, you know?

But a quick "recipe" for y'all (cuz I just made these. and its delicious. a stupid easy, not really a recipe...thing..)

ever have a craving for chips (one of my most major of food vices) and cant get to the store, or are trying to cut back on junk food?

here's my homemade tortilla chips "recipe"

preheat oven to 450f

take a soft tortilla shell (we usually have flour tortillas on hand, but corn would probably work as well)

brush one side with vegetable oil (or olive, if you feel fancy)

sprinkle a pinch of salt (sea salt tastes best!)

add whatever other flavors you want. I like dill, but have also used cumin, oregano, chili powder, garlic...powdered spices work best.

load up a cookie sheet with the suckers...

here's the trick though:

turn off the oven. seriously. turn it off as you put the cookie sheet into there.

let them cook as the oven cools. they wont burn. its ok if you forget about them for hours and discover them in the oven when you go to make supper... or if you are antsy, check them for crunchyness and take them out when sufficently crunchy. (10 minutes would probably be good)

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