June 14, 2011

My little quilty blog has been filled with less than quilty things lately...so here is a little taste of what I've been working on:


I love the idea of a warm/cool value quilt rather than the more common light/dark value quilt, so I joined the warm/cool value quilt-along (link on the sidebar). I've also joined the 60 Blocks in Summer group on Flickr, so this is my first entry!

This is the first block for the value quilt, and I quite love it. I'm not really following the layout Jeni is doing in the quilt-along...I hope thats ok... I started with a Kona Cotton Brights charm pack, and paired each with an opposing value scrap fabric. I'm not sure how big it will become, each HST unit is only 2.5 inches finished.

I'd love to make this twin sized, or even full sized for the 4 yo's grown-up bed (havent decided yet which size bed he'll get...) but I will need 1000 or so HST units...which makes me a little unsure...

Plus...before I get too far into it...I have several other projects that need finishing...poor hexagon quilt...

One more thing...because its a little funny... awhile ago, I stated on twitter that I did not understand the purpose of precuts...but for this, I do! the charms are so handy, especially for the easy method of making HST's video here

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  1. Very cool! I love that you're taking a different approach, that's awesome! Can't wait to see where you go with it! :)