May 17, 2011

Since today is my birthday, and its raining, and because today sucked, I thought I would share a quick little tutorial on how I made the blocks for this preemie quilt:


(I do have photos of it finished (thanks natalie!) But they are currently buried in my email inbox, so I will upload them after I spend some quality time with the spam button...)

For the preemie quilt, I used 17 charms from a Kona Brights charm pack. My example here is using 6 prints that I color matched up to the Konas. You also need 1 inch strips of white (I used Kona Bone) and 1.5 inch strips of the same white.

I apologize in advance for the shoddy photos, it really is raining weird lately.

First step is to cut your colors. For the preemie quilt, I cut the charm squares in half on the bias to get a pile of Half Square Triangles (HSTs). its a little tricky on these to get accurate cuts, but if you are slightly off, its alright, you can always trim the blocks down. For the example, I did cut squares first (4.5 inches), then HSTs, but if you want to cut the HSTs from strips, that works too.


In retrospect, I shouldn't have used both the two dark pinks. I had another light pink cut, but forgot to put it in.

Next step: separate the halves of each color, making two piles each with one of every HST.

Pair up your HSTs so that no two pairs are alike.


Sew one HST to the 1 inch sashing stips, press and then sew the other of the pair to the other side of the sashing to create a square. (dont trim yet, unless your triangles dont line up relatively close. its ok if the sashing hangs out a bit.)

your block will now look like this:


Keep sewing pairs together in this way until they are all sewn together.


The next part is a little bear with me...

Cut each square in half the other way, perpendicular to the sashing.


Rearrange halves until you are satisfied with their layout (I avoided sewing the same color into the group of 4, and tried not to pair the same two pairs together.

Sew the halves together in the same way you sewed the first round, with sashing in between.


Trim the blocks to be square. The way I do it, is to find the mid point on the ruler and center it in the white sashing. In my sample, my blocks were to be trimmed to 4 inches, so I centered the block on the 2 inch cross hairs. I just eyeballed them, but they turned out pretty well.


Arrange the blocks however you like. I prefer the on-point layout, with the 1.5 inch (unfinished) sashing inbetween, and use filler triangles to fill in the edge bits.


On the preemie quilt, because I needed to hit a size minimum, I added the borders, which are 2.5, 1.5, 2.5 inches respectively.

the sample one I made for this will become a cute little pillow, and either make its way to etsy, or to my cousin for her baby girl.

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