April 29, 2011

I'll have a new post with some quilts and photos soon (the quilts I made for the Robert Kaufman Kona Solid Charm Pack Challenge)

but a little diversion:



I've been bandying about the idea of making a quilt inspired by doors...and with pinterest, i can easily keep track of the images for my inspiration, without the hassle of saving them to a (random, easily lost) location on my computer.

I've also started a board for decorating my older son's room, and am going to soon start one for other rooms in the house.

you can look through other people's boards for ideas too, pin their stuff to your boards, or pin anything off the internet! (bonus, pinterest automatically links to the original posting of the image, so there is always credit for the original author!)

I can see all sorts of uses for this, from sharing cool things, collecting inspiration, and planning out whole home remodels.

my boards are here: http://pinterest.com/littleblubirdie/

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