March 25, 2011

Rainy and cold days are good for cleaning...

I spent the past few days sorting, ironing and re-folding my fabric stash...which isn't really that big, but still gets disorganized pretty quickly.


The bottom shelf is all my quilting fabrics, sorted by color (mostly) The last stack on the right needs to be sorted, but is all my fat quarters, so I don't really know whether to stack them on top of the larger pieces, or leave them in a pile of their own.

The middle shelf is (from left to right) sheets (some thrifted, some not) random other fabrics (home dec, non cottons, unknown stuff) the boxes both contain scraps (woo for classy storage...its temporary until I get around to making proper canvas bins.) between the boxes are odd shaped pieces of quilting fabric, mostly less than a fat quarter.

Top shelf is some knits, batting scraps, more sheets and for whatever reason, and empty bottle of amoxicillon...

I think I was being optimistic when i decided on the distance from the bottom shelf to the makes my stash look tiny! Though, in my old house, everything on the three shelves here had to fit on one shelf! (I had way less space in general, and *all* my office stuff had to fit on these shelves and a bookcase...)

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