March 28, 2011

I've been sewing a little more since I have my own space.


Second quilt top made for the Kona Solid charm pack challenge. These are the warm toned charms that were left after the last top. (I have 4 squares leftover...I am not really sure what to do with them..)

I wasn't going to use prints on the top for a personal challenge...but I didn't have any solids that would work for the inner border, and the Amy Butler print was begging to be added..

I rather like this quilt, despite it not being colors I usually gravitate to (see! I can work with colors other than blue and green!) Its so candy-colored and happy, I hope it helps uplift the family of the baby who will receive it.

Also, this little quilt is the first time I've ever worked with triangles! Yay for me!


  1. I'm really intrigued by this design! did you use a pattern or is it your own?

    What 4 do you have left? I had 6 left and made a 3rd top so it can be done!

  2. no pattern - just made it up as I went. I've always had a soft spot for squares on point, wanted to do something with triangles and had a strange urge to make the two quilts look like they belong together...

    I've got two purples, a bright red and a green left...I'm not feeling them as a third top though...and I need to get some of my personal sewing going!