March 16, 2011

Its been awhile, no?

We have successfully moved into our new house in Virginia, and after an agonizing week of no internet or tv, now have plenty of both.

Moving overall was not as stressfull as I thought, granted there were days I wanted nothing more than to move back to my little Minnesota house, but really not too bad.

The month we spent living in DC was fun, I went to all the museums I could fit in (The Renwick Gallery and the DAR Museum are two favorites)

The biggest thing I absolutely love about my new house is....

My very own Office/Studio!!!

The plan was to share an office room with the hubs..but his silly gigantic desk wouldnt fit down the short I get my own room! (though the silly gigantic desk is now sitting in the living area...but still. I even have a wall to use as a design wall!

and now, so that this post isnt completely text, heres a stack of fabric I'm going to use for a quilt for my cousin's baby:


I'm not sure about the brown kelp stripe and the yellows above it, but they are there. Pink, Orange and Grey. Love the idea...but it was hard to make myself purchase the pinks.

The pink and grey fabrics were purchased at the ever fantastic Crafty Planet in North Minneapolis before I left. Lordy, I'll miss that store.

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