December 30, 2010

Christmas has come and gone, presents opened and played with, the new year almost upon us.

So much has been happening lately, time seems to whirl right by.

The holidays went great, good food, good company, lots of fun. I finished my (one) sewing project for a gift just in time, which is why I don't have photos of it, I was practically sewing on binding in the time I get to my mom's I'll snap a photo or two. I made a 40x40 inch table topper, with one large Dresden plate in the center.

Sounds easy, right?

Hah. Because I have a pathological need to complicate things, I decided to echo quilt the sucker. With lines about 1/4 inch apart.

I am still peeling away from the sewing machine...

Anyways, I believe I have hinted at big changes coming to us this year, and while still not final, I feel the need to share.

One of the hotels the husband works for is getting sold, and he was offered a job at a different set of hotels. In Washington DC.

At this point, there is a 95% chance we are going. (The hubs is trying to negotiate a little more money so we can afford our current house while its on the market as well as a place over there.)

He really wants to go.

I think we are going.

I feel like this:


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