November 22, 2010

Its amazing how one teeny tiny little thing can throw your sewing machine so far off.

I was sewing along the other night, put my project away and came back the next morning. But alas! My tension was wobbly at best, thread nests galore.

Changed the needle. No change.

Re-threaded top and bottom threads. No change.

Fiddled with the upper tension knob. Got a little better when tension was tightened as tight as it goes.

Pulled bobbin case out again, showed it to the hubby, and he noticed a screw missing from the bobbin case - I looked up in the manual and low and behold...that single teeny screw controls the entire bobbin tension.


I managed to find a website that will sell me the single tiny screw though - beats buying a new bobbin case...those little things are spendy! But I guess no sewing until next week now.

Maybe this is just a sign that I need to stop procrastinating on designing this years christmas cards.

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