November 24, 2010

Oh dear.

I received my replacement screw for my sewing machine. Popped it in. Fiddled a little.

Something else is wrong. Has to be. No amount of tightening/loosening the(brand new, $4.50) tension screw changes anything.

Any Minneapolis-locals have any suggestions on good, relatively inexpensive(I'll pay for quality, to an extent.) repair shops that service/specialize in vintage singer machines?

November 22, 2010

Its amazing how one teeny tiny little thing can throw your sewing machine so far off.

I was sewing along the other night, put my project away and came back the next morning. But alas! My tension was wobbly at best, thread nests galore.

Changed the needle. No change.

Re-threaded top and bottom threads. No change.

Fiddled with the upper tension knob. Got a little better when tension was tightened as tight as it goes.

Pulled bobbin case out again, showed it to the hubby, and he noticed a screw missing from the bobbin case - I looked up in the manual and low and behold...that single teeny screw controls the entire bobbin tension.


I managed to find a website that will sell me the single tiny screw though - beats buying a new bobbin case...those little things are spendy! But I guess no sewing until next week now.

Maybe this is just a sign that I need to stop procrastinating on designing this years christmas cards.

November 19, 2010

My spoonflower swatch arrived the other day! I am so impressed with the print quality. Its available for sale on spoonflower, if I get enough orders through them, I may begin selling it through etsy as well.


expect more fabrics in the future!

Also, I've been watching my visitor count increase in the last few weeks, so welcome to all my new readers! And stick around, because I am fast approaching my 100th blog post...and I may have a little giveaway to celebrate!

November 15, 2010

You know you are in trouble when your boys are quiet.

I've been working on a christmas project lately. Its a bit more traditional than I normally make. It is driving me insane.

I have now put it away for the time being.

I think its about time to begin something simple.

Also, I just recived Elizabeth Hartman's new book today - flipping through it, it looks really great. I'll get a chance tonight to really read it tonight, but I think it would be the kind of book I'd pass along to someone wanting to learn to quilt. Plus, the photography and layout design is beautiful! Most of the quilt patterns aren't completly my style, but I think I can modify one or two to suit me.

November 9, 2010

Yesterday, I put a design up on spoonflower and ordered a swatch.

I'm kind of nervous.

What if it prints wrong?

What if I put it up for sale and no one buys it?

I guess I'll have to figure those out when the swatch arrives.

(I'm not posting the design because I'm still unsure about its part of the logo I made for the Minneapolis modern quilt guild and not everyone has seen it yet)

If it turns out nice, I'll put it for sale on spoonflower to see if there is any interest before I plunge in and order a couple yards for sale on etsy. I'm also playing around with some color variations and coordinating patterns so it isnt lonely.

November 4, 2010

In light of Christmas sewing - I've begun a new project. I'm not really sure what these little stars will become, but they are addicting, though a little fussy and time consuming.


I'm making these true scrap bin style, I just pulled handfuls of fabric from the scrap bin - even the whites don't match! (that may just drive me nuts..but for now its kinda charming)

This one is tiny. the center square is only 1 inch finished.

I'm envisioning a baby quilt or wall hanging with scattered stars of various sizes.