October 19, 2010

I'm considering getting back into work.

But, I have to wonder something...indulge me please...

Why is there a large concentration of creative/surface design/craft type companies in Utah?  Not that there is anything wrong with Utah, I just have no desire to be there.  Plus, there would be no work for the husband.  But really, everytime I research places to send artwork to, they are located in Utah.  And very few dont have in-house designers.

*sigh*  I've got a few ideas though, I'm toying with ideas for a line of fabric, but for anyone who visits this blog, and sews/quilts, what do you think is missing from fabric designs these days?  Is the market getting too saturated, especially with modern designs?

(sorry theres no photos today, I havent been doing much sewing.  I've discovered that the library system here is fantastic for craft books, and have been reading like mad.)

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