October 7, 2010

I try and think of myself as a person who is open to all color combinations.  I love all colors equally, they all have their place.

However. I've been looking at previous quilts I've made (and even artwork I did way back in college) and I very much tend to use blues and greens.  occasionally orange, and maybe a magenta here and there.  Forget purple.  Yellow is on the fringe. And saturated reds and bright pinks? They dont even cross my mind.

This has mostly come up because I have some cousins having babies soon.  girl-babies.  And these cousins are very traditional in the girl=pink boy=blue color schemes.

I spent over an hour in my local quilt shop forcing myself to pick out pink fabric.  I could only bring myself to actually buy two - a cute animal print and an Amy Butler martini print in pink and orange.  Still haven't found any purple fabric I could bring myself to buy, but to be fair, the shop I was at had a shocking lack of purple that wasn't super spendy Japanese imports.

But back to my original post, I've been trying to force myself to put together some non green/blue fabric stacks - perhaps they will make it to a quilt, perhaps not.



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