October 29, 2010

I finished this quilt some time ago - but have had the hardest time ever photographing it!  it still isnt well photographed, but I needed to get it in the shop, so here is the best I could get!


(check out the link on the right to get to my etsy shop)

This quilt has been a little bit of a journey to create, it started up as a completely different project (I blogged about it here and there a while back) but I think this one is going to be hard to let go of.  I love how calm it is despite the numerous different prints, and the fussy cut Heather Ross goldfish make it super cute.

This particular quilt has begun my recent love of Kona Coal (seen as binding here)  I just want to use Coal in everything!

I've also now got two (maybe 3!) stacks of fabric ready to be cut into quilts...just need to decide which patterns to use!  And christmas sewing is in full swing, but thats gotta be kept under wraps (hah! wraps...) for awhile.

October 28, 2010

A little sneak peak at a project in process:


October 25, 2010

My current mood via fabric choices:


im really digging the faded blues and browns with pops of brighter blue and a little pink and green here and there...its the closest i've come to actually cutting a new quilt in a while.  perhaps its the weather - fall is in full swing here with the cold and rain drowning out any beauty in the changing leaves.

October 22, 2010

My apologies for another post without photos, but I have to give a shout out to fabricworm.  I placed an order for a handful of red & green prints (for Christmas sewing, naturally :D)  and received my fabric in 3 days from the order date!  I cant believe how fast that is!  I don't think I've ever received an online order that fast.

I highly recommend them for their selection (very modern, very cool!) and their extremely quick shipping times.

The only negative I can see is that it seems there is a half-yard minimum, it would be nice to be able to buy fat quarters.  But really, half-yards are just fine too, theres nothing wrong with having extra fabric around, right?

(I may or may not post photos of the stack - I wouldn't want to spoil surprises for anyone!)

October 19, 2010

I'm considering getting back into work.

But, I have to wonder something...indulge me please...

Why is there a large concentration of creative/surface design/craft type companies in Utah?  Not that there is anything wrong with Utah, I just have no desire to be there.  Plus, there would be no work for the husband.  But really, everytime I research places to send artwork to, they are located in Utah.  And very few dont have in-house designers.

*sigh*  I've got a few ideas though, I'm toying with ideas for a line of fabric, but for anyone who visits this blog, and sews/quilts, what do you think is missing from fabric designs these days?  Is the market getting too saturated, especially with modern designs?

(sorry theres no photos today, I havent been doing much sewing.  I've discovered that the library system here is fantastic for craft books, and have been reading like mad.)

October 7, 2010

I try and think of myself as a person who is open to all color combinations.  I love all colors equally, they all have their place.

However. I've been looking at previous quilts I've made (and even artwork I did way back in college) and I very much tend to use blues and greens.  occasionally orange, and maybe a magenta here and there.  Forget purple.  Yellow is on the fringe. And saturated reds and bright pinks? They dont even cross my mind.

This has mostly come up because I have some cousins having babies soon.  girl-babies.  And these cousins are very traditional in the girl=pink boy=blue color schemes.

I spent over an hour in my local quilt shop forcing myself to pick out pink fabric.  I could only bring myself to actually buy two - a cute animal print and an Amy Butler martini print in pink and orange.  Still haven't found any purple fabric I could bring myself to buy, but to be fair, the shop I was at had a shocking lack of purple that wasn't super spendy Japanese imports.

But back to my original post, I've been trying to force myself to put together some non green/blue fabric stacks - perhaps they will make it to a quilt, perhaps not.