August 20, 2010

Wow, its been quite some time since I posted last!

Less of a downer today though.

Most of what I posted about last month has been resolved.  Whew.  Of course, with the resolution of one problem comes another.

But enough about my problems, time to turn this blog back around to quilting!

Kristie's Mini Quilt

 The first challenge that the Minneapolis modern quilt guild had went really well!  Everyone made some really cool things, from pillows to placemats and even a couple large lap-sized quilts!  Check out our flickr group to see them all.

that was two meetings ago already!  At our most recent meeting, I demo'd english paper piecing for hexagon quilts.  I still dont feel I am terribly qualified to do this...but evidently I got the methods across.  Fun was still had, and lots of talking about this and that, including a disscussion on charity sewing.  Perhaps a charity project is next for our little guild?

Anyways, that is about it for now, soon I will have photos of a long-time coming baby quilt that will go up in my shop, as well as a photo of a soon-to-be-finished hexagon quilt top.  

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