July 13, 2010

Sorry about the blog absence!  Its been a crazy couple weeks around here.  I'll summarize in list format because my brain is not functioning in paragraph form today...

1. Big Boy (3 year old) was bitten by my dog.  not terribly serious, but enough to warrant a hospital trip.

2. Little Man (1 year old) was also bitten.  bad.  10 stitches over 3 punctures. we are frankly, very, very lucky that the dog missed his eye.

3. Two bites now means our dog must be re-homed.  She is really a very sweet dog, but has some issues that I am not capable of handling.

4. Rehoming her is going to be tricky.  I'm in contact with a rescue right now, we will see how that goes.

5.  I've been sewing like crazy, mostly things that I cant post about right now.  some will eventually go up in my etsy shop.

6.  We are trying to figure out how we can afford to move.  I hate where we live, for various reasons. Its time to leave this house.

ugh.  this post is too serious.  sorry about the downer!  after thursday I'll post photos from our quilt guild's polka-dot challenge reveal!

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