June 7, 2010

I cant really decide on a post for today, so here are a bunch of random things:

1. I *LOVE* my sewing machine.  I blogged a little about it when I got it (I think...) but I havent really said much else.  Its a Singer 301A, also known as the "big sister" to the 221 featherweight.  My particular machine is from somewhere around 1951-1955, and is a fantastic machine to sew on.  It doesnt do anything fancy, just a straight stitch, plus I have the zig-zag and buttonhole attachments (which I havent got the hang of either yet).  The 301 is easy to maintain, a couple drops of oil here and there, and has sewn through everything I've thrown at it so far.  Including 6 layers of cotton duck.  This baby is hardcore.  puts my old machine in its place. (a crappy newer plastic singer that has been relegated to the corner.)

If you are looking for a new machine, and dont need anything fancy, I highly recommend the Singer 301.  Its also great for beginners.

2.  The last post I posted for wordless wednesday was a photo of a doll I made using the Poppet pattern.  To obtain this pattern, please go to craftster.org and search for it. (its free, but you need to pm the creator of the pattern for it.)  And consider becoming a Friend of Craftster.  It is really a great resource for all things crafty! *gets down from soapbox*

My doll is named Fen, she is around 12-13 inches tall and has hair made from my handspun yarn.  I'm already making a second one for a friend.  they are rather quick and easy to get together!

3.  I made another pizza today from scratch, again using the Pioneer Woman's Favorite Pizza recipe.  This time though, I substituted mushrooms for tomatoes, and white cheddar cheese for the mozzerela.  fan.frigging.tastic.  I think, this would have to be my last meal, if the situation would arise.  This pizza + 1919 root beer (only apparently available in the midwest...sorry everyone else!) is life-changing.

4. I've also been baking bread like a madwoman.  I've even now got fancy whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose....but I have to finish up the bread I have made up currently.

thats it for now, folks, I hope my ramblings have inspired someone.

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