May 10, 2010

Day 10 in May

Yeah, I know I missed a few days.  In my defense, I have been really busy.  Mother's day seems to have been elongated into a weekend this year...

Anyways, Mother's day was really great, I got to sleep in (only till 830...) and was promptly greeted by big smiles and hugs from some little boys.  We (barely) made it to church, had delicious lunch out, and was treated to a day of whatever I wanted to do. (which mostly consisted of staying in, and having the husband take care of the kids!)

I had made my mom some quilted coasters for her new table (cant have condensation rings on brand new table!)  which I have taken photos of, but cant post them because I am not at home.

We taught our 3 year old to play Wii bowling this weekend.  It is endlessly amusing to watch him figure out the button/throwing combination to get it to work, and he gets so proud of himself when the ball rolls and hits the pins!  He tells everyone that he can bowl, and says "I use a white ball and knock down 3 pins and sometimes... sometimes all of them!"

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