April 24, 2010

The wonder that is....

...potty training!

Potty training is probably the most difficult, and yet rewarding things a young family can do.

And its so exciting when it happens!


We have been struggling with training our older son (just recently turned 3) with varying degrees of success.  He seemed to want nothing to do with the toilet at home, but at Grandma's, it was fun.  We tried bribery (which..to some extent, I am not a fan of.)  We tried the butt-naked method. That didnt fly.  Our boy is the strangest kid, he hates to be dirty (but hates baths, and doesnt mind poopy diapers.  go fig.) and hates to be nekkid.

We finally heard about a different method, which is working fantastically with us.  Take a weekend, and have nothing planned.  Get about...a hundred (kidding..but it seems like it) pairs of big-boy (or girl) underwear.  (I have mixed feelings about pull-ups)  When the kiddo wakes up, set them on the toilet.  if they go, awesome, reward as you see fit.  if not, tell them thats ok, next time, we'll go potty.  put on the underwear and eat breakfast.

Here's the key.  after the first attempt at going potty, (we had to throw elliot on kicking and screaming.) set the oven timer (or any other loud buzzing timer) and tell the kiddo that when the buzzer buzzes, its potty time again.  keep setting the timer for 30-40 minute intervals, and eventually he/she will go potty on the toilet.  Do this all weekend.  (we have been using this all week as well, to keep reminding him to go potty..and to try to catch a poo on the toilet, but no luck.  He has, however mostly been staying dry! and a few times, going to the potty without being asked!)

using real underwear helps a lot, I think pull-ups still soak in way too much liquid to be really effective the way they are supposed to.  Plus, Elliot likes wearing his race car under wears!

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