April 29, 2010

What helps you...

I was sewing along last night on my mix-tape quilt, and was thinking about what helps us concentrate.

For me, its music.  I cant sew (or create anything for that matter) without some sort of background noise.  But the best noise, for whatever reason is music.  Almost any type will do, but I have preference for musicals and soundtracks.  Glee is high on my list right now, along with most anything Andrew Lloyd Webber.

This leads to the husband laughing at me with my headphones on, singing along to whatever I happen to be listening to.

But I get work done this way!  (photos of mix-tape quilt coming, I have to cut a few more sashing strips, and the top is almost done! Plus, its crappy light today, so no photos today.)

What helps you concentrate?

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