April 2, 2010

to-dos, always to-dos

To do list, once I get my new sewing machine:

1. Make canvas bins for toys.
2. Get a move on with the mix tape quilt.
3. keep working on hexagon quilt.
4. work out details on fancy-pants circle quilt i have in my head
5. make cork quilt
6. make another quilt similar to Kelsey's for sale.
7.  make a few more quilts for sale.
8. enter a craft show to sell quilts at.
9. decide if I want to make some fabric designs via spoonflower.

Ok, so some of these I dont need the machine to do.  but that is the order i want things to go this year.  I'm hoping to attempt no-coast this year.  i'll probably bring a couple lap-size and doll quilts, take commissions and if i get my butt in gear, get some fabrics out there.

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