April 25, 2010


Last night's dinner: Pastor Ryan's Delicious Mexican Lasagna, courtesy of the Pioneer Woman.

Verdict: Interesting, but not a dish we're going to add into rotation.  I had a few issues with this recipe, first, it makes TONS.  I cut it in half, as the instructions say to do if you are going to use a normal casserole dish.  But I still had twice as much rice mixture than I needed! (perhaps the "unprepared" comment in the ingredient list refers to cooked, but not mixed rather than dry?) Or maybe, I just dont like as much rice.  Which is very possible.

Also, Salsa Verde is not really my thing, I'm not a fan of jalapenos in general. (spiciness doesnt bother me as much as the flavor isnt my cup of tea.) 

The whole thing seemed rather spicy as well, but I realized as I type that I forgot to add both my black olives and sour cream, which may have brought the spiciness down a bit.  But I'm a wuss on spiciness..I much prefer mild.

Dinner tonight: leftover lasagna, like I said, it makes a ton, and all the rice fills you up quick, so there are lots of leftovers.

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