April 5, 2010

soup. again.

Soup verdict:

really tasty.

about my "modifications"...eh.  I didn't have any onions on hand, so i omitted those.  that was probably not a good idea.  it needs onion.  i don't like asparagus, so i left that out too.  i added way more dill and garlic than called for, and possibly could have added more.  i added waaaaay too much spinach, and am not really a fan of it in this anyways.  i kind of liked the flavors before i added the half & half, so i don't think i'll use that again if i re-make the soup. (which my stomach will thank me for.)

i also probably should have reduced it some more, the broth is delicious, but a little weak for my taste.  maybe i'll put it back on the stove for awhile.

after simmering for another half-hour or so, i decided to try and see if puree-ing the soup would make it better..and its fantastic!  i thought it might be weird with so much spinach..but its delicious.  even though its a weird greenish color, it sure is tasty!

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