April 15, 2010

dye! dye! dye!

man, i need to get some photos up on this blog soon.

in other news, fabric dying adventure today!

Tip 1: brown rit dye + cotton-poly blend sheet = purple sheet. (im pretty sure the sheet was and 80/20 blend, i threw the packaging away though, so i could be wrong.)

Tip 2: make sure not to splash dye water on undyed sheets before placing in dyebath.  especially before you realize brown dye=purple sheet. (put a test piece in the dyebath, and got drips on my undyed pieces that i forgot were in the bathtub when i took the test piece out.)

Tip 3: when you decided that purple sheets are not what you are going for, and decide to use tea instead, make sure you have enough tea.

Tip 4: if it is nice outside (albeit windy) do not forget to clip your sheet to something.  it is light.  it will blow away.

That concludes my fabric dying tip day.  back to you regularily scheduled blog.

So really, I did get what i needed to get dyed dyed.  I bought some clearance sheets at target a while back (less than 10 bucks for king size! score!) and wanted to get them away from oh my lord, thats white white. just a little tinting to age them a little..make them a little less...eye searing.

1 box of weird brown rit dye and a bunch of tea later, i have nicely "aged"  sheets.  i think i may have to re-dye the fitted sheet (tea dye-bath got too weak), but i should have enough for sashing and bordering my mixtape quilt!

the brown dye is dying the pillowcases a nice deep brown right now. i dont know what i'll use it for, but it looks nice.

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