March 22, 2010

My sewing machine is broken.

It was raining for a really long time. (thankfully it has stopped, but its been cold.)

Therefore, I've been doing a lot of experimenting lately.

Project 1: since my sewing machine is broken, I've been making headway on my giant hexagon quilt.  Still not anywhere close to being done, but it sure is cathartic.

Project 2: Cooking.  Now, my parents never really taught me to cook.  My mom was always more of a hamburger helper/boxed dinner kind of person, easy, quick and (relatively) healthy.  My dad, however, when he got in the mood to out.  You never knew what you were going to get! I recall him just throwing stuff into all over the kitchen..(oh, how my mom *loved* it when dad cooked....insert eyeroll...) Dinner was certainly an adventure.  But, when I went off to college/was on my own, I took after my mom cooking-wise.  There was much instant rice, mac and cheese and ramen consumed.  And not neccessarily because I was poor. (though that was a factor!)

To make a long story short(ish) I have tired of eating the same old thing over and lately, I have been trying out new (to me) methods of cooking, new flavors, (can you believe I had never had fresh garlic in anything before recently!) and in general, have tried to stay away from pre-packaged, bland (i have to add something to everything i make now!) and rather unhealty meals.

My family, however, is not always amused.

Dinner Tonight: Pot Roast, cooked according to Alton Brown's instructions via Good Eats.
Lunch Tommorrow: Leftovers.

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