March 24, 2010

The first meeting of the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild was last night.  It certainly seems like there is a great group of ladies raring to go!

We started off with introductions (I arrived a little late, so unfortunately I missed most of these)  and a little bit of how we started quilting.  Which made me think about my start.  (I told the short version...)  I wasn't really a sewer growing up, I did the pair of boxer-type shorts in middle school that everyone made, dabbled with my mom's sewing machine a little, but never really made anything.  Fast forward to senior year at college, I took a screen printing class, and learned about pulling a drawing apart for printing, and putting it back together.  This fueled my art at the time, and became rather enamored with paper collage, and manipulating the paper itself to create my illustrations rather than drawing.  At the same time, I took a class in product design and learned to create repeating patterns for paper/fabric/surface design, which led to a huge fascination with fabric!

Putting a love of paper collage + a love of fabric meant I *had* to learn to sew.  My mom gave me my own sewing machine while I was pregnant with boy first quilt was born and history was made.

The rest of the guild meeting I wont really dive into, it was a lot of dissussing what the group would be *doing*  but later I'll post about another interesting topic that came up.

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