January 7, 2010

Snowy days equals lots of sewing!



These are for my ever-present, slowly growing hexagon quilt. It started out as a reproduction 30/40's fat quarter pack that I cut to be a simple patchwork quilt for a quick project. But I underestimated my cutting skills at the time, and ended up with non-squares and super wonky seams that even *I* couldn't overlook. And I'm fairly flexible when it comes to corners meeting.

Anyways, I printed out a bunch of hexagons, started piecing, added in fabrics here and there (since my hexes are smaller than the original squares, I figured I would need more hexes)

What started out as a simple patchwork quilt with 15 or so different fabrics has turned into a 3 year project...that now has nearly 100 different fabrics. (estimated, I dont know how many at the moment. I'll count when its finished.) most are scraps, leftovers from some of my quilts from the past couple years. For the most part, the only yardage I cut was the original fat quarter pack!

So far, 650 hexes are joined together, with 300 or so left to be pieced in. I am putting my foot down on adding any more fabrics though! it currently measures around a small twin size...so this sucker is gonna be huge!

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