September 4, 2009!

So I've been a little inactive lately. Sorry about that. Its been a crazy busy month or two around here.

On July 31st, after being induced, and then laboring for 6 hours, I gave birth to a healthy 7lb9oz baby boy. Needless to say, having two kids does not give a person much time for blogging.

I did, however, manage to pick up a pencil tonight, and inspired by the recent Harry Potter movie (which is so far my favorite, I was quite let down by the first few, but that is not the point here...) I drew the magical trio and two of their pets. (I ran out of time before I could finish Harry and draw Hedwig)

I'm not really sure why Hermione is sort of squat..she just came out that way. And you can really see how much work I need to do to draw animals better..poor Crookshanks. I like how Ron's body came out, but his head is wonky...(reminds self to read books again to refresh character descriptions)

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