June 8, 2009

Man, this blogging thing is harder than I thought.  My dad asked me the other day what I blog about..and truthfully, I have no idea.  I created the blog to help promote my etsy shop, but that doesnt seem like enough to blog about.  There are so many other blogs about crafting/quilting that mine just gets lost in the woodwork.  I suppose I could join the ranks of dog blogs out there...(there are some *really* interesting blogs about dogs - interestingly enough, the most interesting ones I find are about border collies/herding dogs)  

So anyways, I suppose I would classify this blog as a life blog.  So be prepared for anything to pop up, perhaps I'll get more focused as I continue to write here, but for now, I am going to post about anything and everything that tickles my fancy.

The one thing that I am super excited about right now is that I purchased a Print Gocco machine off ebay last week...I so cant wait to recive it!  (I am aware that gocco is not being manufactured anymore...but I couldnt resist the super deal I got on it..and have been researching alternative methods and supplies using it.)  I loved screenprinting in school, but dont have the space and time to continue printing at home.  My poor screens just sit in my parents basement...neglected and sad.  And in dire need of a good cleaning.

What I guess I am saying here is...get ready for an onslaught of gocco prints to show up in my etsy shop!

Oh, and I put up a new mini-quilt in my Etsy shop, check out the link on the right side :)

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