May 8, 2009

Every Day in May! (2)

Originally uploaded by littlebluebirdie

Originally uploaded by littlebluebirdie
Every day project #2 (#3 if you count the one im not going to post because its not finished and quite terrible really) this isnt finished either, it needs binding yet. its about 12x15in, and has a single wonky log cabin block pieced into the back. once its bound and washed, it'll go up for sale in the shop. this one was fun to do, i like the stacked coins look..but i did vary the angles of the coins here and there to keep it extra interesting. you can also (sort of) see the high-tech method i have of marking my quilting lines...crayola marker for the win!

Ive tried using other things to mark my quilts with, chalk works (kinda) on darker fabrics, but dont wash out quite as easy as markers. crayola markers really do make excellent quilting line markers..they wash out so easily. i like using blue, green or purple, orange and red tend to be a little harder to wash out for some reason.

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