November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving was a blast this year..(except the whole mixed up family part :D) Elliot's really starting to get into the holidays..although i think he still may be a little confused on what its all about. oh well. he'll get it eventually.

November 20, 2009

bring flea market fancy back!

October 15, 2009

2000 photos later...

I got my DSLR (a canon digital rebel xt) last christmas from my husband..and have now taken my 2000th picture with it. 

Too bad my 2000th photo is pretty boring.


thats SOOC (straight out of camera)


a little better after some cropping and tweaking.  but still boring.

I guess I still have a long ways to go.

what is it about snow that makes me want to bake..and pull out the christmas tunes?

its only October for petes sake.

(there was only like, an inch of snow.  and i made zucchini bread.)

October 13, 2009

for any photographers around, check out  Ree has some awesome free photoshop actions to download.  I use her boost action on almost every photo!

(plus her blog is seriously addicting.  even the non-photography stuff)

October 8, 2009

IMG_1826 copy
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Elliot's activity of the day. When I asked him what in the world he was doing...all he could answer was: eye-yay messy.

god, I love this kid.

October 7, 2009

New project

IMG_1822 copy
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This is my new quilt project..and my makeshift design wall...we have almost no large wall space anywhere.  and i still have to work around our ancient thermostat here.

I'm having mixed feelings about it so far. I definitely don't like the larger pieces, i think it would be better with thinner strips for the most part.


wordless wednesday


September 18, 2009

random thought of the day:

Does anybody who crafts (any crafty project, but I hear of it mostly with knitters) finish every gift before its meant to be given?

I'm just now starting to think of a gift for my sister. Her birthday was 2 weeks ago. (we werent able to celebrate until this weekend. I have 2 days.)

I'm thinking of just taking her to the fabric store and having her pick out fabrics for a smallish quilt.


September 4, 2009!

So I've been a little inactive lately. Sorry about that. Its been a crazy busy month or two around here.

On July 31st, after being induced, and then laboring for 6 hours, I gave birth to a healthy 7lb9oz baby boy. Needless to say, having two kids does not give a person much time for blogging.

I did, however, manage to pick up a pencil tonight, and inspired by the recent Harry Potter movie (which is so far my favorite, I was quite let down by the first few, but that is not the point here...) I drew the magical trio and two of their pets. (I ran out of time before I could finish Harry and draw Hedwig)

I'm not really sure why Hermione is sort of squat..she just came out that way. And you can really see how much work I need to do to draw animals better..poor Crookshanks. I like how Ron's body came out, but his head is wonky...(reminds self to read books again to refresh character descriptions)

June 8, 2009

Man, this blogging thing is harder than I thought.  My dad asked me the other day what I blog about..and truthfully, I have no idea.  I created the blog to help promote my etsy shop, but that doesnt seem like enough to blog about.  There are so many other blogs about crafting/quilting that mine just gets lost in the woodwork.  I suppose I could join the ranks of dog blogs out there...(there are some *really* interesting blogs about dogs - interestingly enough, the most interesting ones I find are about border collies/herding dogs)  

So anyways, I suppose I would classify this blog as a life blog.  So be prepared for anything to pop up, perhaps I'll get more focused as I continue to write here, but for now, I am going to post about anything and everything that tickles my fancy.

The one thing that I am super excited about right now is that I purchased a Print Gocco machine off ebay last week...I so cant wait to recive it!  (I am aware that gocco is not being manufactured anymore...but I couldnt resist the super deal I got on it..and have been researching alternative methods and supplies using it.)  I loved screenprinting in school, but dont have the space and time to continue printing at home.  My poor screens just sit in my parents basement...neglected and sad.  And in dire need of a good cleaning.

What I guess I am saying here is...get ready for an onslaught of gocco prints to show up in my etsy shop!

Oh, and I put up a new mini-quilt in my Etsy shop, check out the link on the right side :)

May 25, 2009

ok, so every day is a little stretch for me.  sorry i've not been posting lately, theres just been a lot going on.  we are moving my studio/office space out of the spare bedroom and combining it with the husband's office space.  way less room for me, but we need the spare bedroom for newbaby!

plus, ive been working nonstop on the newbaby's quilt, so not much else has come off the sewing machine lately.

photos of both the new office and quilt to come soon, i hope! :)

May 11, 2009

Every Day in May 3

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This is what usually happens when I try and photograph something ...

(sneak peak at today's every day project, its also a test for newbaby's blanket to see if i like one of the patterns...)

no pictures yet today, the weekend was spent sanding and painting the office.  I have to move all my craft & computer stuff in there before the newbaby is born >.<  I am so not looking forward to moving a bedrooms worth of stuff into a room (that I have to share with the hubby) about the size of a (large) walk-in closet.

In other news, I've gotten the pattern for newbaby's quilt narrowed down to 2 or 3 options...maybe I'll make a couple mock ups in photoshop later to really decide.

May 8, 2009

New (non-every day) project!

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fabric geting ready to become a quilt for the new baby boy..the green leafy stripe on the bottom will be the back i think.. im not totally sold on the cream fabric..its not clear, but there are owls on it, but they are kind of girly and a little flowery... i have some more yummy fabircs coming as well :) that i think about it, i need to find a good mustard-y yellow to complete the 70's color scheme...and figure out a pattern...

Every Day in May! (2)

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Every day project #2 (#3 if you count the one im not going to post because its not finished and quite terrible really) this isnt finished either, it needs binding yet. its about 12x15in, and has a single wonky log cabin block pieced into the back. once its bound and washed, it'll go up for sale in the shop. this one was fun to do, i like the stacked coins look..but i did vary the angles of the coins here and there to keep it extra interesting. you can also (sort of) see the high-tech method i have of marking my quilting lines...crayola marker for the win!

Ive tried using other things to mark my quilts with, chalk works (kinda) on darker fabrics, but dont wash out quite as easy as markers. crayola markers really do make excellent quilting line markers..they wash out so easily. i like using blue, green or purple, orange and red tend to be a little harder to wash out for some reason.

May 4, 2009

Every day in May!

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First project for Every Day in May!

its less than 10in square...but im not sure why my photos of it are really bad....its quite bright in person. now to figure out how to bind something that small...

April 24, 2009

Been super busy lately, so I havent had much time to post!  sorry about the hit and run post today, but be sure to check out my etsy shop for some new mini quilts!

more photos of them to come :)

February 20, 2009

I've really been putting off posting on this journal. 

The only thing to do I guess is jump in feet first!  

I don't really have a plan for this blog yet, I dont know who is going to read it, but you never know, right?  I suppose i should start by introducing myself.

My name is Kristy, I am in my mid-twenties.  I have a husband, a two-year old son (and another one on the way) and a dog.  I studied illustration in collegel, which thus far has enabled me to illustrate one children's book (which was a disaster, but in a good way I guess) and hasn't done me much good yet.  

I am something of an ameteur photographer, which is crazy fun, a sometimes knitter, and often am found at the kitchen table armed with a sewing machine and way too much fabric.